Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pineapple Sage for the Hummingbirds

Gerard got these photos of a Ruby Throated Hummingbird today! We just love watching them hum around their favorite flowers. The one he's at in the photo is a pineapple sage and if you brush the leaves it smells like pineapple! So far it seems to be their favorite flower in our garden right now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back Garden

The blooms on Climbing Peace rose haven't done too well because of the freeze. But other flowers have been doing great and were protected well enough.
We love sitting out here and just enjoying the garden!
Hummingbirds have already started visiting!
We spotted this Fuchsia at Lowe's and just had to buy it! We had one last year and the hummingbirds loved it!

Front Garden

Here's the front garden as of late. The freeze we had really hindered things even though we tried to protect stuff. All the first blooms have been disappointing! Kind of discouraging but hopefully the garden will start to flourish now.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Georgia Wildflowers at Euchee Creek 1 April 2007

If anyone knows exactly what any of these wildflowers are please leave me a comment. I've done some research but I'm not familiar with all of them and sometimes the photos I see don't look exactly the same as what I photographed. I'm using on-line resources and the National Audubon Society's "Field Guide to wildflowers Eastern Region" to do my best and find out what each one is. It's a lot of fun but it's only our hobby and we aren't professionals!On Saturday we went for a walk at Euchee Creek and saw tons of wildflowers but had forgotten to take the camera with us! So we had to come back for another walk on Sunday after church with the camera and take photos. The photo above is part of the boardwalk that goes over the swamp area, the rest of the way has asphalt walk ways.
There was one wildflower that was so stunning that looked like a wild Azalea and we did research online and found THIS that it is indeed a wild Pink Azalea. It was beautiful and smelled wonderful like honeysuckle...when we returned on Sunday looking for it we could not find it anymore we found the spot it had been and saw that someone had ripped it out of the ground all that was left was a drying out root ball! It made us so sad that someone would do that! It's such a shame that someone would just take a wild plant, it just seems so selfish because now no one else can enjoy it! It was the only one of it's kind in the area too. What makes me even more upset is whoever this person is will probably kill it by sticking it in their yard.
Here are the cute little wild violets that we spotted.
Here's a good flower focus shot, I believe this is either the "Common Blue Violet" or the "Marsh Violet" Click Here for a link to some Wild Violet info.
Here's a photo with the leaves in focus.
This one is another shade and is a light blue.
This little one is much smaller than the wild violets and has different leaves as well. It's white colored and is called a "Field Pansy"
These little flowers look similar to "Bluets" but don't have yellow centers so I'm not sure what they are.
This is a closer view of them.
I think this is an "Indian Strawberry"
Here's a close up of the little strawberry forming.
"False Garlic"
"Wild Pink"
"Rose Vervain"
"Violet Wood Sorrel"
Focused on the flower
Focused on the leaves.
"Yellow Wood Sorrel"
"Carolina Mallow"
Here's a Dogwood Tree.
Close up of a Dogwood flower.

We spotted this little lizard and took a photo.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spring Flowers

This lovely large clematis is in our back container garden just opened up the other day!
We bought this English Rose the other day, we just couldn't resist! The beautiful pink color so soft and a strong 'old rose' fragrance! It's such a romantic rose! It's one of the Jackson & Perkins David Austin English Roses. We don't have any more room for roses so we planted it in a pot in the back garden, which is nice because we can just sit and enjoy it in private.
These are out in the front growing together a red climbing rose and a clematis.
Here's a little dwarf sunflower blooming out front.
Our garden is coming into bloom!
Haven't seen any hummingbirds yet but have seen feeders going up all around, we need to get ours up too.