Monday, April 28, 2008

Visiting Hummingbirds

Here is one of the hummingbirds that visited perched on a tie holding a hollyhock.

More Flowers

As it turns out we planted what we thought was Red Poppies and sure enough as they are blooming we are finding out that it's actually a Poppy Mix! So we've gotten 3 kinds now, pink, orange, and white.

All the Sweet Peas are still going, and I'm loving all the different colors! Today is a bouquet day so I'll be cutting a nice large bunch of colorful and yummy Sweet Peas.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wonderful Spring Day

What was going to be the Red Poppy ended up being a Pink Poppy!!! LOL That's okay though just as beautiful!

Pink Mini-rose has HUGE flowers!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What's Growing

Yeay!!! Another Pink Sweet Pea and also a Red one!!!

New Climbing Rose just added! Cecile Brunner aka Sweetheart Rose and we are sure hoping it's the everblooming variety! LOL We just bought it at WalMart so there's no real way of knowing.
Closeup, love it! It smells wonderful and even has a peppery scent too!
One of our pink mini-roses blooming.
I just love this surprise rambler that came, in fact I think I love it even more than the rose we were buying originally!
Red Poppies about to bloom!
Our baby tomato! Praying for more since the flowers keep dropping without setting fruit.

"Hummingbird" Moth

Here is a photo and a video of a "Hummingbird" Moth it flies around similar to a hummingbird but it is actually a Moth! They kinda fly haphazard and are a little "dingy"! LOL They are smaller than a hummingbird though probably around 1-2 inches.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lovely Red Roses

Olympiad is blooming away and today got a little windy (okay a LOT windy) so I decided to go ahead and cut the open roses to enjoy indoors for a few days. Little did I know but I had enough for a pretty big size bouquet! It smells lovely too!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Rose Blooms, New Additions, and a Hummingbird

Olympiad Red Rose
Isn't it beautiful? And it smells wonderful!

Added a Foxglove!
On the left is a Glory Lily newly planted and on the right is a Clematis, they should do well together.

Silver Queen Corn, Green and Yellow Squash, Honeydew Mellon, Tomatoes...
Peppers, Watermelon (Sugar Baby), and Strawberries. Sure hope we haven't crowded everything, but we are too excited to grow stuff! LOL
Lookie, lookie!!! A baby tomato!!!
Watermelon sprout. Sugar Baby variety.
Bell Pepper!

Here is a little vid of a hummingbird who visits us.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring in Full Bloom!

Red Rose bloom, it's a pretty one but is a mistake and was grafted onto another rose's bud union but we are happy about it! Seems like some sort of shrub or ground cover rose.
Pink Sweet Pea looks as if it's nearing the end of it's life. That's expected though they don't live out here in the heat so they are perfect for Spring Time.
The Honeysuckle is blooming and a Sweet Pea with it. Also you can see the newest Hollyhock blooming is another pretty light pink!
Pretty Society Garlic Blooms and you can see how the Alyssum is really spreading out.
Olympiad Rose Bloom
Butterfly Bush geting bigger!
Passiflora Actinia with Red Poppies
We took off the black material, and started putting mulch down instead. Everything looks happier without it. It was like "blind" gardening with that stuff there and we couldn't see what was going on with the soil.

Monday, April 07, 2008

New Hollyhock blooming!

Today I spotted this Hollyhock blooming it's the first once since the way early pink one started. I love how it's the nice deep pink color!