Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Garden Grows

We couldn't resist buying a Wisteria plant! LOL In Georgia they grow wild and in the spring bloom and smell wonderful so now we thought we'd try growing one. Not sure how fast they grow, but we put it in this spot so it will grow over the arbor in the back. The structure is strong enough, but I just hope that we will be able to see it grow on it and enjoy it before moving. At least whoever will move into this house next will have a wonderful Wisteria already established and if they grow wild in GA then it should do tolerably if non-gardeners move in next.
I saw that the Guara was blooming today!

WOW has this area grown! We keep adding to it too! LOL
Pink Hollyhock and you can see the pink Sweet Pea tool.
Yup, we started some Morning Glories and Moonflowers! They grow like weeds out here! LOL

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In the garden today...

My favorite Sweet Pea this season, just so lovely and pink and large and the stems are long!
Here's the overall photo of the that sweet pea but there is a hollyhock right in front of it that I think needs to be moved.
Cute little short sweet pea! Funny that the viola's blend in with it! LOL

Just bought a Scabiosa love those they are always blooming and are good filler flowers for my little bouquets.We stuck a clipping of large Ice Plant that we used to have in our garden wayyyyy back when we lived in the desert before! We had given our friend Wendy some when we moved and she has given us some now that we've returned. If you take a look at the link of the old garden you'll see it was growing up the front of the yard and just beautiful we had left a lot of it behind but we've driven by recently and it's all dead...really sad.
Here between the Hollyhocks, you can barely see the tip of a Canna we just planted. Thought it would be perfect to be growing and blooming after the Hollyhocks finish up.
Here in the large pot in the shade is newly planted Lily of the Valley. I've never successfully grown them so this time in the pot they went so they could be babied and hopefully grow. I hope these aren't bad ones with the leggy white thing hanging out, don't have any experience with them so I'm not too sure about them, this is a test run, since it was about $5 for a pack of 8 we figured worth another shot right? It's just they are such a romantic flower that I'd really like to have some!
The early Hollyhock is still going strong, all the rest are just starting to grow to bloom.
Butterfly bush is starting to bush out!
Also we got another color of African Daisy an put it between the roses.
More Sweet Pea's
Mostly white with purple edges.
The Petunia's are growing larger and larger, the nice thing is it will probably make a nice cascade from the pot soon.
Our Salvia started blooming again...just love that red! Hummingbirds should be coming around soon!
The Guara is getting going and the Angelonia wintered over, not sure if it'll keep going though it's really an annual plant.
Here are more of Gerard's Babies!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baby Plants

This is the incubator room. I use seed starting mix for all the seeds I plant. The green mat in the left rear is a heated greenhouse mat, it keeps the pots warm so the seeds germinate more quickly. I don't use the clear plastic greenhouse cover because the seeds I am germinating are enclosed in plastic, and the other ones are in a pie tray with lid.
You can't see the second one, but there are two grow lights being used. They are the compact florescent ones you can get from WalMart. If you are looking for them, they are labeled "Daylight" bulb. We just used ordinary lamps and screwed the daylight bulbs in.
Some of the seeds are in peat pots, with little plastic pots that someone had given us. I use these outer pots to keep the moisture from evaporating too quickly since the peat pots lose moisture through the sides. I also use recycled pots from plants we've purchased and planted in the garden.
You can see the two Passiflora Actinia growing in their little pots. They were the first to germinate of the seeds we got from Turtlegaby. I used the heated mat to germinate them and then transferred them to their own pots once they broke through the soil.
Here you see the Glory Lily freshly transferred into her own big pot. I germinated this one in the pie pan with lid and transplanted it as soon as it sprouted.
These are Zinnias from seed that we harvested from our favorite blooms when we lived in Georgia. Can't wait till they are full grown and blooming!
Here is the pie pan. It has only about 3/4 of an inch of soil so I have to transplant the seedlings as soon as they sprout.
As you can see, I divided the pie pan into 8 separate sections and labeled the lid. I also cut a notch in the pie pan and marked the lid to line up with the notch so I don't lose track of the seedlings.
The first thing that sprouted in the pie pan was the Red Flowering Gum, but I killed it when I transplanted it. Oh well, there are two more of its seeds in the pie pan.
More babies. The short plastic container has Hollyhocks, the pots on the right and left have Red Poppies in recycled pots, and the far left is a Sweet Pea, also in a recycled pot. I don't know which one, because we have a lot of different Sweet Pea seeds and lost track... LOL I like the recycled pots and containers because they work much better than the ones they sell for seed starting at the stores.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

First Little Spring Bouquet

Today I had just enough flowers to clip the first little bouquet to enjoy!

Friday, February 22, 2008

WooHoo Sweet Pea Blooms!!!

This one is a short variety of Sweet Pea and lovely Bi-color pink!
Gerard grew all the Sweet Pea's from seed and lots of varieties so we don't know what's what anymore! LOL This one is a lovely pink climbing variety! I'm just so excited to have such lovely pink ones and they all smell so yummy!
Close up...don't you wish you could smell it?
Look at all those buds!!! Looks like bouquets are in the near future!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Update More Blooms on the Way

Oooooooo a rose color sweet pea getting ready to bloom!
And this sweet pea is starting to climb and has got tons of buds and it looks like pink edged!!!
New pink lavender planted.
New rose starting to grow.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring is Coming!!!

First Sweet Pea bloom!!! It looks a little odd, wonder if something happened to it, but still it's nice to finally have a bloom!
The African Daisy we grew from seed is now blooming away!
The pretty pink early Hollyhock is continuing on too!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Two Gems to Share

First the early hollyhock is BLOOMING!!!!!!!!!!
Don't you just love the joys of having a garden?
Second a butterfly visited!!!