Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Garden Grows

We couldn't resist buying a Wisteria plant! LOL In Georgia they grow wild and in the spring bloom and smell wonderful so now we thought we'd try growing one. Not sure how fast they grow, but we put it in this spot so it will grow over the arbor in the back. The structure is strong enough, but I just hope that we will be able to see it grow on it and enjoy it before moving. At least whoever will move into this house next will have a wonderful Wisteria already established and if they grow wild in GA then it should do tolerably if non-gardeners move in next.
I saw that the Guara was blooming today!

WOW has this area grown! We keep adding to it too! LOL
Pink Hollyhock and you can see the pink Sweet Pea tool.
Yup, we started some Morning Glories and Moonflowers! They grow like weeds out here! LOL

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