Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stunning Hollyhock

The red hollyhock in the corner looked extra beautiful to me this morning!
Most of the cannas are blooming now and it's getting hot out, so it's turning summer in my garden! LOL

Thursday, May 14, 2009

May Flowers

...and dwarf sunflower
Society Garlic and yellow daylily 'Bitsy'
Red Rose with lots around it

Monday, May 11, 2009

What's New?

Well...this hollyhock is HUGE and finally blooming!
Also a surprise is the double flower in the dark red shade! We love it!
Another pretty pink one started blooming too!
The canna and dwarf sunflower are really getting going!
And take a wild guess what happened when we visited Lowe's...yup we bought 2 more passionflowers! LOL Well they were the smaller lower cost ones and different varieties! How could we resist? I will say we were very good and didn't buy the $25 clematis that was SO PRETTY and so tempting!!! I mean it's not everyday you see clematis in the desert! Wow this is how bad it is...I kinda wish we had bought it! HAHAHA
OH and 'Lavender Lady' has a fruit growing! I just read the article linked to the name below and I guess we will soon see exactly what specimen this is...bummer about the fruit being hollow though.
These two are:
Passiflora 'Lavender Lady'
Passiflora 'Blue Bouquet'

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Our first Canna to bloom! Yeay! And a dwarf sunflower!
A good photo of the color of my nice dark red hollyhock!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Spring Freestyle

Lots of flowers reseeded themselves like the cosmos, bachelor buttons, marigolds, and petunias!
Wish you could smell the honeysuckle!

Canna getting ready to bloom as well as a dwarf sunflower that reseeded itself.
A scarlet runner been that reseeded! I was surprised to see it today!
I absolutely love the look of this dark red hollyhock and even more so surrounded by bachelor buttons that came back on their own!
There have been a few colors of bachelor buttons that weren't around last year I love when that happens! I like the pink and white combo.
This one is a dark purple although it's looking more blueish in photos.
My fave pink wave petunia that reseeded. In this pot is also a calabrachoa that wintered over(you have to look very closely to see the small light pink flowers), and a strawberry.
I loved the way this looked with the cannas starting to get big and the wave petunias growing in it, and then the marigolds growing into the petunias. Isn't that one of the prettiest marigolds? I love the leaves so lacy and the flowers are very small. There is a sea of these marigolds that reseeded!
My spot in the garden has a pretty red mandevilla blooming and my geraniums that haven't stopped all winter!
This is the veiw of the hollyhock and bachelor buttons from the swing.
I can also see these clematis flowers dangling from the cute! I love how the bud looks like a heart and when they open is the most cutest bell ever!