Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What's Growing

Yeay!!! Another Pink Sweet Pea and also a Red one!!!

New Climbing Rose just added! Cecile Brunner aka Sweetheart Rose and we are sure hoping it's the everblooming variety! LOL We just bought it at WalMart so there's no real way of knowing.
Closeup, love it! It smells wonderful and even has a peppery scent too!
One of our pink mini-roses blooming.
I just love this surprise rambler that came, in fact I think I love it even more than the rose we were buying originally!
Red Poppies about to bloom!
Our baby tomato! Praying for more since the flowers keep dropping without setting fruit.


Laura H said...

I love the rambler too. What is it? A flowering bush ??

Laura H said...

PS I need a vine thats not too hight matience. Got any ideas??

Melissa said...

Great easy vines are Honeysuckle, Jasmine, for perennials, and for annuals Morning Glories (easy from seed), Cardinal Climber. We desert dwellers can only grow Sweet Peas (pictured in this post) during the winter and early spring once it gets hot they die for the year and we have to replant next winter we are about to plant ours for this winter.