Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring in Full Bloom!

Red Rose bloom, it's a pretty one but is a mistake and was grafted onto another rose's bud union but we are happy about it! Seems like some sort of shrub or ground cover rose.
Pink Sweet Pea looks as if it's nearing the end of it's life. That's expected though they don't live out here in the heat so they are perfect for Spring Time.
The Honeysuckle is blooming and a Sweet Pea with it. Also you can see the newest Hollyhock blooming is another pretty light pink!
Pretty Society Garlic Blooms and you can see how the Alyssum is really spreading out.
Olympiad Rose Bloom
Butterfly Bush geting bigger!
Passiflora Actinia with Red Poppies
We took off the black material, and started putting mulch down instead. Everything looks happier without it. It was like "blind" gardening with that stuff there and we couldn't see what was going on with the soil.

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