Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Georgia Wildflowers at Euchee Creek 1 April 2007

If anyone knows exactly what any of these wildflowers are please leave me a comment. I've done some research but I'm not familiar with all of them and sometimes the photos I see don't look exactly the same as what I photographed. I'm using on-line resources and the National Audubon Society's "Field Guide to wildflowers Eastern Region" to do my best and find out what each one is. It's a lot of fun but it's only our hobby and we aren't professionals!On Saturday we went for a walk at Euchee Creek and saw tons of wildflowers but had forgotten to take the camera with us! So we had to come back for another walk on Sunday after church with the camera and take photos. The photo above is part of the boardwalk that goes over the swamp area, the rest of the way has asphalt walk ways.
There was one wildflower that was so stunning that looked like a wild Azalea and we did research online and found THIS that it is indeed a wild Pink Azalea. It was beautiful and smelled wonderful like honeysuckle...when we returned on Sunday looking for it we could not find it anymore we found the spot it had been and saw that someone had ripped it out of the ground all that was left was a drying out root ball! It made us so sad that someone would do that! It's such a shame that someone would just take a wild plant, it just seems so selfish because now no one else can enjoy it! It was the only one of it's kind in the area too. What makes me even more upset is whoever this person is will probably kill it by sticking it in their yard.
Here are the cute little wild violets that we spotted.
Here's a good flower focus shot, I believe this is either the "Common Blue Violet" or the "Marsh Violet" Click Here for a link to some Wild Violet info.
Here's a photo with the leaves in focus.
This one is another shade and is a light blue.
This little one is much smaller than the wild violets and has different leaves as well. It's white colored and is called a "Field Pansy"
These little flowers look similar to "Bluets" but don't have yellow centers so I'm not sure what they are.
This is a closer view of them.
I think this is an "Indian Strawberry"
Here's a close up of the little strawberry forming.
"False Garlic"
"Wild Pink"
"Rose Vervain"
"Violet Wood Sorrel"
Focused on the flower
Focused on the leaves.
"Yellow Wood Sorrel"
"Carolina Mallow"
Here's a Dogwood Tree.
Close up of a Dogwood flower.

We spotted this little lizard and took a photo.


Anita said...

Thanks a lot for your good wished on my garden birthday! I just admire your rose on the previous post! Wow, what a beauty! I hope my new climbing roses will soon start to grow, too!

Those wild flowers are amazing, I especially LOVE the litte violets!

Looking forward to seeing you again soon at my little blog!

LostRoses said...

The wild pink azalea is beautiful, how sad you must have been to find it gone. I think many people don't know it's illegal to pick wildflowers, much less dig them up.

The rest of your photos were fun to look at, though I'm never sure about wildflowers either unless I have a guide in front of me! Even then, it's tough. And the little yellow daisy-looking one? A botanist I know calls them "yellow composites." I guess there's so many varieties it's a good catch-all name. Kind of like when birdwatching.. there's a category called LBBs (little brown birds)!

Me said...

I would love to know what the flower that is similar to the bluets. I found one in my yard and I am doing a flower project for school and I have no idea what it is! I've looked everywhere!

So if you find it... just post a comment here and I'll check them out