Monday, January 21, 2008

Buds about to Open!!!

EXCITING!!!!!! Honeysuckle blooms popping open!!!
It's still small right now but I know after it warms up it will take off and ramble.
Yes, that is some sweetpea's growing with it at the base!
Overall photo from our sitting area. The stock and petunia's fill the air at night.

You can see the 2 new floribunda roses we planted along this area. The alyssum also smells so sweet! We walk down this area anytime we leave and return home so it's wonderful to have yummy smells along the way.
This is the Don Juan climbing rose, we are going to let him ramble, maybe give him a trellis or a few bamboo polls to hold onto. We'll see what will be best when he starts reaching out.
We put the new Hybrid Tea rose over on this side.
One hollyhock has buds, it's the one freak hollyhock that grew bigger than the rest and is ahead of the class!
The bougainvillea is still resting through the cold, and has sweetpea's at the base.

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