Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Morning Glory and Squash Trouble

Today we had another Blue Star and also a Heavenly Blue Morning Glories bloom today! I think those two varieties compliment each other nice.

Our weather is starting to get hot comes summer!

Here is the new Don Juan blooming nicely and there are sweet pea's blooming with it all doing well, but with the hot weather coming the sweet pea's won't be around much longer.

The corn is starting to really grow, so is the squash, honeydew and tomatoes.
On this side you can see the peppers aren't taking off yet but they'll get there, also there is the watermelon doing great and the strawberries.
Tons of tomatoes!
Our yellow squash (dixie hybrid) even though I learned about pollinating, still you can see the one on the bottom is not doing good...since this is the first time we've grown squash I'm not sure if I should worry or not. I've been on top of pollination since the first one was a loss and I looked up how to grow squash.
Here is the green squash (cocozelle) they seem to be doing well. The one on the bottom I pollonated with a male yellow squash flower since no male flowers were open at the time the flower was open...hope it works!

Here in the center you can see the honeydew flowering!
Yum a nice big strawberry ripening!

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TattingChic said...

Your garden is doing so nicely. That strawberry looks like it's gonna be good and you're going to have so many nice veggies!! Yummy!!