Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Splendor


Lona @ Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Your flowers and pictures are so beautiful. Mine are turning brown now and I am going to miss the colors and tending to them.The blue morning glory is especially pretty.

Anonymous said...

It is so depressing to look at your photos. I always thought I had a green thumb, but I obviously don't have the secret yet about gardening in Phoenix.

When do you plant your morning glory seeds?


Melissa said...

Hi Nancy,
Don't be discouraged if we can do it you can too! Gardening in the desert is very different than other places you have to water everyday and if you have a micro irrigation system (very easy to set up)it helps too. Just watering with the hose is not enough. Also we mix in a TON of garden soil and compost into the dirt about 2 feet deep and as wide as the plant will grow. Another thing we do is as soon as the weather is HOT we Miricle Grow once a week, when it is cooler again it can be every 2 weeks. Planting things closer together helps too since the plants will shade each other more.
We plant our Morning Glories in the spring probably around March or April depending on how warm or cold it is out. One more thing when you miracle grow skip the morning glories and do them less often so they will bloom and not just vine and leaf everywhere. We fed them too much this year and had to "starve" them to get them to bloom same with the Cosmos.
But the Zinnia's love food so they are okay and grow easy too.