Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Passionflower

Walking through Lowe's we found this beautiful Passiflora 'Victoria' and couldn't resist!!!
Shot focused on a bud.
Shot focused on flower.


Anonymous said...

Love your new home. I like your garden but think that was at previous home?! So looking forward to what you do at your new home.

BTW just wanted to let you know about KactusKathi who lives in Goodyear, Az. and is a phenomenal gardener. She shares her garden/s with us on the General Gardening forum on the online HGTV message board. I do not know where you live in the desert but you might like to acquaint yourself with KactusKathi. You would have to join I believe in order to check out her past photos/topics and to reply or converse with her. That is easy to do.

I learned about your blog from the Quilting and Needlework forum on the HGTV message boards. I love your cqing....

~~Tx~~ Wildflower

Melissa said...

Thank you Susan! I haven't been able to garden much yet this year but we will get to it eventually because I miss my pretty flowers everywhere!!!