Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spa Tub is IN

Well the other tub/shower we put in when I was cleaning it I found CRACKS so it had to come out and be returned. So then we decided to get the spa tub since it was the same price and well...better! LOL
First some mortar and then 4mm plastic over the top (the manual specified to do that) to support the tub.
Proof that I was able help him get the tub in...yup it's a miracle! LOL Usually they are too heavy for me but this one was easier because it's a drop in without an apron.
It then needed more mortar to support it.
Gerard then built the last stringer. It's all hooked up now and after the cement and mortar dries we can test it and then tile.


Rondell said...

Girl there's nothing I like to see better than a man hard at work! I can't never find one that's not lazy as hell and always lookin for a hand out! You hold on to this angel.

TattingChic said...

Oh, how exciting to have a Spa tub! I am looking forward to seeing more progress on your place! :)