Sunday, June 27, 2010

Transforming a Shed to a Gazebo

We've been dreaming and one of the dreams has been to turn this old shed into a Garden Gazebo! So we both love the idea and it finally reached a point where we wanted to DO IT!
Hubby knocked off all the siding and removed the door and old garage door. The electrical you see was jury-rigged by someone previously we've undone it because it's a fire hazard...
When we got all the siding off we found out that the framing isn't secured properly to the cement foundation!!! So next step is to bolt it down properly so that it is a safe structure!
Imagine with us what it will be when there is an opening on the front facing long side and "windows" all around like gazebos do. Also some lattice to give it more gazebo effects and with vines growing around it and gardening all around!!!
We want it to be a nice place for hanging out, BBQing, or a garden party!

UPDATE!  Had to tear down instead.  Here's a Link to that Update:  Shed Down.


Antique ART Garden said...

Good luck ! Looks like if you never used it as a shed, or had room to store items elsewhere than this is a great idea ! We use our garage , don't really have a shed , just a garage ( workshop-palace ), Gina

Melissa said...

Ya we have a garage attached to the house so the shed isn't really needed. It will be of more use as a gazebo for having people over etc! So I'm really excited to be working on it now! We think the people who built it used it as a garage for dirt bikes etc. and as a "shop" for working on them, but we don't have dirt bikes! LOL