Sunday, June 26, 2011

Glory Lily!

We have been waiting 3 years for this Glory Lily to bloom! It kept dying and then would surprise us and start growing again, then die, and again grow etc. etc. Today we got a stunning surprise seeing the bloom open in all its glory! LOL And it didn't disappoint! Isn't God a wonderful artist?!


Bernie said...

It's a stunning bloom. I've been wanting to grow a Gloriosa Lily in my garden as well ... and you've spurred me on to get out and get one now.

Melissa said...

For us it seems very picky we have it in a pot in morning sun and have learned DON'T move the pot once it's growing! OY the silly thing died once when we moved the pot and tried to stake the growing vine. That was the last year, so this year we made sure we had it in the right spot before it started growing and started staking it early too so we didn't have to stick anything in the pot after growing and that has worked so far.