Thursday, October 25, 2007

Garden Update

I normally don't care for orange roses or orange anything but I'll make an exception for this rose! It's been delighting me all day! The sun hitting it makes it glow but I wanted to get an after sunset shot so you can see the color. Don't you just want to wrap yourself up in it? I love how it has gold tones and fades to lighter apricot and blushes pink.
Also we put the perennial Lantana in the ground and potted some yummy scented Petunias.
Our row of Viola's and Alyssum is growing nicely.
We also moved the Bougainvillea so it's along a fence and gets plenty of sun. Plus we will be able to see it while sitting on the patio.

1 comment:

LostRoses said...

I don't really care for orange either but I'm always happy to make an exception for a gorgeous glowing rose like yours. It's like your own private sunset!