Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fall Additions!

We couldn't resist getting a few perennials for fall planting, since it is the best time to plant them so they have a running start in spring!
We also got some Alyssum and Viola's for winter flowers. I just adore Viola's and they spread nicely and I'm sure will be beautiful during the cold months! Ah you gotta love the deserts year round gardening! We've planted Sweet Peas for winter too.
The perennials we put in this area from left to right are Society Garlic, Dwarf Lily of the Nile, a pink Autumn Salvia, and Verbena(can't really see it back there in the shade). I think the Verbena might be getting too much shade and will need to be moved.
Here is some Bougainvillea on the back wall, which I think is in too much shade! I didn't realize how much shade was there and I thought the Bougainvillea would be stunning on that wall but it might have to be moved and replaced with a shade lover.
A yummy honey smelling yellow Butterfly Bush! This will get nice an big! The hummingbirds will love it and I can cut flowers for bouquets!
We got this pretty red rose! For some reason we've noticed that red roses always seem to do the best. They usually are the most bug free for us. It smells very good too. The name is Olympiad which is supposed to be a good variety and does well in the desert.
Most everything we got is drought tolerant, but the reason we put the rose there is when the grass is watered the water runs to this spot which will be perfect for the rose, but would have been too much water for a drought tolerant plant. The spot also gets full sun!


LostRoses said...

Melissa, wow, what a clean slate you have in your garden! How fun to be planting from scratch and not having to find a spot to squeeze in one more plant. Did you just move?

You've picked some very nice plants and that red salvia in your previous post will make the hummingbirds head for your garden!

Melissa said...

Yes we just moved a month or so ago. It is fun to start gardens but we do miss our Georgia garden too! This time we are trying to stay with low maintenance drought tolerant plants.