Wednesday, March 28, 2007

First Clematis Bloom

Gerard took this photo of the our first Clematis bloom this season! I love it it's so pretty! I love the shading of the petals! AND I spotted rose buds breaking open to bloom! YEAY!
Here's a weed we have growing and it looks like a wild blackberry to us. What a pretty weed! It's hard to pull them out when they look so pretty, but if we don't the silly thing will cause Trouble with a capital T that rhymes with P that stands for PULL! (yup I love the Music Man LOL)


Anonymous said...

Wow that's early. Beautiful clematis. They are one of my most favorite garden climbers.

Charlene said...

It looks too big for a blackberry. I'd have to leave it for a little whilte to see what happens... Looks sort of like the white violet, doesn't it?

Melissa said...

I wish it was a white violet! That would be too cool! Well it's some sort of rambling berry and it already as a new shoot coming out! We get these popping up in our garden all the time the twigs were in the top soil we bought! Well it's better to pull those than have clay! LOL