Thursday, March 15, 2007

Front Garden 10 March 2007

Well last growing season the mini roses in the front grew bigger than their space so we decided to expand the border out a few more inches. Isn't that how it always goes! A little expanding here a little there...and the garden grows!
We added in top soil to the gap made from removing the grass.
Then Gerard raised and spaced the mini roses a bit more to give them more breathing room, since this is the perfect time to do any moving. While he was doing that I was pruning all the roses, and then spraying them since the aphids were already attacking the new nubs just starting to grow on the roses! That really gets me they don't even wait for the roses to leaf out! LOL I should name this blog "Aphids are Evil" LOL
As you can see we let China and Madie hang out with us but our subdivision only allows dogs on leash so they have to be tied up but it's better than being stuck in the house, they even play! You can see how happy they are too!

We still have to put new mulch down and weed a bit more, as well as start planting the annuals we have growing. Not to mention the work waiting in the back yard!

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LostRoses said...

This is funny, Melissa! I don't know how many times I've wished I'd make those borders wider to begin with. Of course the alternative is kicking the flowers aside as you try to mow the grass in front of them! Enjoyed your garden photos from last summer, quite a display!