Friday, March 09, 2007

Garden Beginnings : Feb. 2006

Since we had to remove a bunch of thick clay we had to replace the vacuum with something! So we ordered top soil and had it put on the driveway. You can see that this photo isn't even the full size of the mound of dirt from the dirt stains on the driveway. In the last post you can see the pile in the side view photo.
Wheel barrel by wheel barrel we filled in the huge garden hole. Some of the neighborhood kids wanted to "help" and they did a little since the wheel barrel got filled up a little faster each trip!
The LAST wheel barrel full!
With that to stomp it down mix in some compost and plant everything!

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The Army of Four said...

I LOVE seeing how your gardens are progressing! The neighbor kids look like they're proud of their work - how nice that they pitched in! Oh! And I see Madie and China in there, too! :)
With the Ao4's permission ...
Karen (their mom)